You Can Ring My Bell

Introduction to Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University, commonly known as Texas Tech, is a public research university located in Lubbock, Texas. Established in 1923, it has grown to become one of the largest universities in the state, known for its academic excellence and vibrant campus life.

The Tradition of the Victory Bells

Origin and History

Among the many traditions at Texas Tech, one of the most cherished is the ringing of the Victory Bells. The tradition dates back to 1936 when the first set of bells was donated to the university the senior class.


The Victory Bells symbolize triumph and achievement, ringing out to celebrate victories, both on the field and in academia. They are a proud symbol of the university’s spirit and resilience.

The Process of Ringing the Victory Bells

Who can Ring the Bells?

The privilege of ringing the Victory Bells is bestowed upon members of the Texas Tech community, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It is a tradition that unites people from all walks of life.

Occasions for Bell Ringing

The Victory Bells are rung to celebrate various milestones, including athletic victories, academic accomplishments, and special events. From football wins to academic honors, each ringing carries significance and joy.

Impact on Texas Tech Community

Sense of Pride and Unity

The tradition of the Victory Bells instills a sense of pride and unity within the Texas Tech community. It serves as a rallying cry, bringing people together to celebrate shared achievements and successes.

Academic and Athletic Achievements

The ringing of the Victory Bells is often associated with notable achievements, both in academics and athletics. From winning championships to groundbreaking research, the bells ring out in celebration of excellence.

Famous Bell Ringings

Notable Events

Over the years, the Victory Bells have been rung to commemorate numerous memorable events. From historic victories to moments of solidarity, each ringing adds to the rich tapestry of Texas Tech’s history.

Celebratory Moments

Whether it’s a championship win or the inauguration of a new president, the Victory Bells play a central role in celebrating moments of triumph and joy. Their ringing echoes across campus, signaling moments of significance and pride.

Cultural Significance

Integration into Texas Tech Culture

The Victory Bells have become deeply ingrained in the culture of Texas Tech, serving as a symbol of tradition and pride. They are revered students, alumni, and fans alike, representing the spirit of the university.

Recognition Beyond the University

The tradition of the Victory Bells has gained recognition beyond the borders of Texas Tech, becoming a symbol of excellence and achievement in the wider community. Their distinctive sound resonates far and wide, carrying the spirit of the Red Raiders.

Maintenance and Care of the Bells

Preservation Efforts

Maintaining the Victory Bells is a priority for the university, with regular inspections and maintenance ensuring their longevity. Efforts are also made to preserve their historical significance for future generations to enjoy.

Symbolic Meaning

Beyond their physical presence, the Victory Bells hold symbolic meaning for the Texas Tech community. They are a reminder of the university’s rich heritage and a testament to the enduring spirit of its people.


The tradition of the Victory Bells is more than just a ritual; it is a symbol of the resilience, pride, and unity of the Texas Tech community. From celebrating victories to commemorating milestones, the ringing of the bells echoes the spirit of excellence that defines the university.