How to Tech Fox Down Throw


In the world of competitive gaming, mastering the art of teching is crucial, especially in games like Super Smash Bros. One particular move that demands swift and precise teching is Fox’s down throw. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of teching Fox down throw and why it’s essential for any serious player.

Understanding Fox Down Throw

Fox’s down throw is a move commonly used in Super Smash Bros. It involves Fox slamming his opponent onto the ground, leaving them vulnerable for follow-up attacks. Due to its speed and effectiveness, this move is a staple in Fox’s arsenal and can turn the tide of a match in an instant.

Teching in Super Smash Bros.

Teching, in the context of Super Smash Bros., refers to the act of performing a move to recover quickly after being hit or thrown an opponent. It requires precise timing and quick reflexes, making it an advanced technique that separates casual players from competitive ones.

Why Teching Fox Down Throw is Crucial

Teching Fox’s down throw is crucial because failing to do so leaves the player in a vulnerable position. Without teching, opponents can easily follow up with additional attacks, leading to increased damage and potentially losing a stock.

Techniques for Successful Teching

Successful teching requires a combination of quick reflexes and precise timing. Players must practice teching under pressure and be able to execute different tech options based on their opponent’s actions.

Training Tips for Teching Fox Down Throw

To improve teching skills, players can incorporate drills into their training regimen. These drills focus on improving reaction time and simulating real-game scenarios where teching is necessary for survival.

Advanced Strategies

Once mastered, teching opens up opportunities for advanced strategies. Players can mix up their tech options to keep opponents guessing and even predict their follow-up moves for a counterattack.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Some common mistakes when teching Fox down throw include delaying the tech, falling into predictable patterns, and panicking under pressure. By recognizing and avoiding these mistakes, players can become more proficient at teching.

Benefits of Mastering Teching

Mastering teching not only increases survivability but also helps players maintain stage control and transition smoothly from defense to offense. It’s a skill that can truly elevate one’s gameplay to the next level.

Personal Testimonials

“I’ve lost count of how many times teching Fox’s down throw has saved me in tournaments. It’s a skill every serious player should prioritize mastering.” – Pro Player X


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Teching Fox down throw is an essential skill for any competitive Super Smash Bros. player. By mastering this technique, players can increase their survivability, maintain control of the stage, and outmaneuver their opponents with ease.