Navigating the Technological Landscape: How to Tech Your Faction in Anno 2070

Understanding the Tech Tree

What is the Tech Tree?

The Tech Tree in Anno 2070 is a visual representation of the technological progression available to your faction. It consists of different branches, each offering unique upgrades, buildings, and benefits. Advancing through the tree strategically is key to unlocking the full potential of your faction.

Types of Tech Trees

  1. Eco Tech Tree: Focuses on ecological sustainability, renewable energy sources, and efficient resource management.
  2. Tycoon Tech Tree: Emphasizes industrialization, production efficiency, and economic prosperity.
  3. Techs of the Eden Initiative: Blends ecological principles with advanced technology for a balanced approach.
  4. S.A.A.T. Specialists: Offers specialized technologies for military purposes, including advanced weapons and defensive structures.

Teching Strategies

1. Define Your Faction’s Goals

Before delving into the Tech Tree, establish clear goals for your faction. Are you aiming for a powerful military, sustainable energy sources, or a booming economy? Defining your priorities will guide your teching decisions.

2. Balance Eco and Tycoon Tech

Maintaining a balance between the Eco and Tycoon Tech Trees is often crucial. While Eco focuses on sustainability, Tycoon emphasizes productivity. A harmonious blend ensures a stable and prosperous society.

3. Prioritize Essential Upgrades

Certain upgrades in the Tech Tree act as prerequisites for advanced buildings or technologies. Prioritize these essential upgrades to unlock more advanced options later in the game.

4. Adapt to Your Island’s Needs

Consider the specific needs of your island or archipelago. If you lack fertile land, investing in Eco Tech for vertical farming or seaweed cultivation may be essential. Adapt your teching strategy based on your environment.

5. Plan for Energy Efficiency

Energy is a crucial resource in Prioritize technologies that enhance energy efficiency and unlock renewable energy sources. This not only benefits the environment but also ensures a stable power supply for your expanding faction.

Navigating the Tech Tree

1. Explore the Initial Branches

Begin exploring the initial branches of the Tech Tree that align with your faction’s goals. This might involve unlocking basic residences, resource production buildings, and initial eco or tycoon upgrades.

2. Unlock Advanced Production Chains

As your population grows, focus on unlocking advanced production chains to meet the increasing demands of your citizens. This includes technologies that enhance production efficiency and resource extraction.

3. Military Tech for Defense

If your faction faces threats from hostile entities, invest in military technologies. Strengthening your defensive capabilities is vital for protecting your assets and maintaining stability.

4. Expand into Techs of the Eden Initiative

For a balanced and eco-friendly approach, explore the Techs of the Eden Initiative. These technologies offer a middle ground between Eco and Tycoon, providing unique benefits that contribute to a well-rounded faction.

5. Plan for Late-Game Advancements

In the later stages of the game, focus on unlocking late-game advancements, including advanced residences, production facilities, and technologies that enhance your faction’s efficiency and sustainability.

Optimizing Teching Efficiency

1. Use Research Buildings Strategically

Place research buildings, such as research labs and academies, strategically on your islands. This ensures optimal coverage and accelerates the research process.

2. Utilize Trade Routes for Research Points

Establish trade routes to other players or neutral factions to acquire additional research points. This external source of points can significantly boost your teching speed.

3. Monitor Faction Happiness

Faction happiness directly influences research speed. Keep your citizens content meeting their needs and addressing issues promptly to maintain a positive research environment.

4. Participate in Global Events

Participating in global events can yield valuable rewards, including research points. Keep an eye on ongoing events and capitalize on opportunities to bolster your teching efforts.


In Anno 2070, mastering the art of teching is fundamental to the success and prosperity of your faction. By strategically navigating the Tech Tree, balancing eco and tycoon technologies, and adapting to the evolving needs of your island, you can lead your faction into a technologically advanced and sustainable future.