Temporary International Health Insurance

Whether taking a short-period trip overseas or planning to relocate to a foreign country, temporary international health insurance plans provide medical insurance that will meet individual health requirements. In other words, the plans are appropriate for sudden and unexpected injury or illness while traveling away from the home country on a temporary basis. As the name implies, temporary international health insurance is a type of insurance facility applicable for a limited period of time. This type of insurance cannot be considered as an alternate for annual-renewable (or “permanent”) major medical health insurance.

Temporary international health insurance plans vary from one organization to another. The plans differ in minimum benefit periods and legal registrations. Their services cover business executive travel (single and multi-trip), travel groups, students, diplomats, missionaries, expatriates, and entertainers. Temporary international health insurance plans can be purchased with coverage for the insured’s spouse and dependent children, as well.

Temporary health insurance plans commonly cover expenses related to hospital, intensive care, surgery, outpatient treatment, emergency medical evacuation, accidental death or dismemberment, return of minor children, and repatriation of mortal remains. In addition to international emergency care, the service can sometimes provide trip cancellation and lost luggage insurance coverage – it is best to discuss your needs with a licensed insurance agency.

The Liaison International and the Atlas Series are two popular temporary international health insurance plans available in the United States. The Liaison International (www.cbdhint.com) is a plan for both US citizens and non-US citizens. It includes two separate rate tables – international travel out the USA (for US citizens and US residents traveling abroad), and international travel that includes the USA (for foreign nationals visiting the USA). The Atlas Series are two plans for temporary travel outside of the home country. One plan is for non-US citizens traveling anyplace outside of their home country, and second plan is “Atlas International”, which is for US citizens traveling outside the USA.